Best Friends

  • Me and Paolo

    My great friend Paolo for many years together we laugh, we talk, we dance, we trust, we have fun. Paolo Gonzato is a great artist, his talent and his genius are unique.

  • The Plastic

    Saturday & Sunday Night the best Club in Milan

  • Paolo and Nico

    I met them together and we never more 'separate, are my beloved friends

  • Laura

    Wonderful, everything that you can want from a bestfriend. Sweet, loving, illuminated, her mind is open, her find its brillant, her creativity is magic, her passion for art infinite. Her wonderful family reflects her beauty. We share a great life for a long time.

  • My great love

    My adored friend Glenda Levi

  • Laura

  • Giulia

    My best friend Giulia Colussi is a Dealer of Ancient Art, consultant to many important private collections mainly international.

  • Me and Giulia

    A sister, mother, best friend, a woman of the world, charming cultured, brillant, joyful, always present. Her elegance and her thinking way, have made me instantly in love. Our first encounter been special as out indissoluble bond. Giulia Colussi is a Dealer of Ancient Art, consultant to many important private collections mainly international.

  • Me and Sarah

    Sarah is the older sister of my adored friend Glenda, together we share a great love. Sarah Levi is a great photographer, her taste and poetry are a timeless elegance.

  • Me and Nico

    Nicola is a sweet and strong friend, ironic, funny, trustworthy, great, we can get back children, play and have fun up like crazy and a moment later talk about feelings, dreams and important things. If we get angry we are happy to put a little agitation in our romantic friendship. It males us feel even more united. Nicola Gobbetto is a brillant artist and illustrator.

  • Me and Paulina

    Her beauty reflects her wonderful soul and the blending of ancient cultures. Fantastic friend, sweet, funny, intelligent and cultured , we understood immediately and was born a beautiful and deep friendship. Paulina Albershtein It 'a Russian Israeli actress and model.

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  • Me and Nico

  • Ale

    A special friend, we are special friend since we were teen when we met again we can't stop to exchange ideas, thoughts, writing songs and dive into new adventures. Alessandro Giovannini is a singer and musician of great talent who will come very far with his grunge Band CaniAlga.

  • Me Paolo e Nico

  • Me and Nico

  • Giuseppe

    This is the man whom I love like a brother, we know our every thought, we have become great together and we love each other with all our defects. Generous, brillant, funny, and his heart huge and even when we are a bit down, take us around and we always know what to say to explode out laughing.

    Giuseppe Rinarelli you're great!

  • Me and Paola

    A dear friend whom I admire for her brillant mind, her humor, her smile and her vision of life.

  • Billo and Francesca

    Dear friends with innate talent and taste, a beautiful couple.

  • Me and Gaia with Cleo

    Childhood friend, beautiful and sweet we share the infinite love for the mountains of Cortina and walks together. For us is a magical place of memories and a place of majestic beauty.