Celeste is a set of talents, who have found in fashion design their balance. I have always appreciated her nonconformity mixed at the correct dose of conventionality, acute intelligence, fast, which leads her to comply with natural grace, the boundaries between normality and transgression. All of this can be traced in her clothes, in line both ancient and modern sexy female. Clothes that speak to a woman who loves to show and hide, in an endless game of seduction.
Giuseppe Di Piazza - Corriere della Sera

Celeste is a true passion for this job ... I know her since she was taking her first steps in fashion and has never failed to amaze me. She is really special, manages to make modern romance ... her creations are always full of love and pleasant lightness and that is why I will never stop to follow her with the passion and the joy I felt when I saw her first collection
Edoardo Marchiori - Caporedattore moda Glamour Italia-

"Celeste All That" is a brand that, starting from the name, speaks of a dream, music, light and celebration. I know the collection since its inception and I always thought, "These are the clothes that every girl would like, you look at them and you immediately feel a princess or a fairy," they are small big dreams that make you feel good, accurate and tailored, created from a very serious professionist, Celeste Pisenti, which is successful finish in a collection , her essence of beauty, lightness and strength, given by 'experience in carrying out her seriously profession. A line that can stand outside the convulsive dynamics of contemporary fashion world by placing itself above the collections with an expiration date. Wonderful dresses that take us back to the quality of the past but with a contemporary design. Dresses to wear to dream and realize their dream of beauty.
Federica Tattoli - Art Editor I Curator

Celeste is an apparition from a fairytale and I always feel like birds will start talking when I’m around her. The real surprise however is that there is a strong, grounded contemporary woman behind the facade of the porcelain princess. I think that her collection reflects this – it is a perfect balance of romantic, practical & modern.
JoAnn Tan - Designer . Art Director Excelsior Milano / Nordiska Kompaniet Stockholm

Celeste’s creation is unique and original. The best word to describe it is always KAWAII
Midori Tateno - Freelance coordinator/contributor for Japanese fashion magazines

Feminine and romantic, beautiful and candidly sexy, sophisticated free and light. The woman that I read between the lines of the collection Celeste All That. The fabrics are precious. Celeste uses thirst fluid, beautiful duchesse, lace, ribbons and embroidery to dress her refined woman, etoile contemporary. The lines are clean, the super short on wins along in an intriguing game of seduction caste. The endless color options make every choice entertaining and every item unique and very personal. It 'a fresh collection, young and uncompromising. Not a sum of clothing and occasion used, but a way of being consistent and unique. An alchemy of shapes and fabrics to be and feel just beautiful.
Elisabetta Giacomello - Buyer Designers & Smart Contemporary RTW la Rinascente S.p.A.

Celeste is surreal and unabashedly realist, the sensuality of ther concepts are a challenge. It can be both poetic and sexy? The innocence can be conjugated to a condition of shiny certainties and objectives?
Be in a position to formulate the grammar of an imaginary precise, marked by mixing different characters, materials and dreams, ambitions and fairytale, literature and reality ...and “ ALL THAT “ is state of grace made of pastel colors, shiny surfaces, transparencies restless and safe.
All this has certain coordinates, made with strict rules of wisdom, experience and ideas. A world that moves determined and contemporary dress of lightness, ballet and crinolines, the aesthetics of the boudoir, the poetry of powder and talcum power,historical quotes nourished research and experimentation. weight.
Paolo Gonzato - Artist I A Palazzo Gallery

When the light has Sweet but sensual, simple but mysterious, joyful but melancholy, retro 'but modern ... Celeste’s collection has many faces. As the emotions of a woman. Her collection recounts the world of Celeste, that is unique. You see her passion and the most big care. Celeste place her culture (knowledge) and her refined personality sweet and joyful, but also strong, ambitious and determined... Her clothes are not just to wear, but them tell you a story and make you dream.
Miki Tanaka - Freelance coordinator/contributor for Japanese fashion magazines

Years ago I took part in the project financing the collection Celeste All That convinced i could help this very talented and determinated designer . She came from a series of articles very flattering of the specialized press. But mostly I had hit by ner character, the deep passion and as much of the madness that distinguish the true talents.
The collections have received by now a lot of supporters in the press and end customers, starting in place the product in the best stores in Italy and Japan. Unfortunately we lenders, not coming from the industry, we struggled with the time required to launch a new talent and its brand and the consequently needed substantial investments ... at the same time, other opportunities were born, in areas known to us more than forced us to terminate the experiment "fashion".
With the right partners and expertise, I am confident that the project would be a success. Today, with the Italian Foundation Accenture, we are engaged in a series of initiatives that will lead to the enhancement of the Italian Beauty as the set of Made in Italy, the culture, the artistic heritage and landscape of quality ', passion, creativity , tenacity. Celeste is well with his actions and with its products, a precious fruit of this country and its beauty.
Diego Visconti - President and Former Accenture Internationa Chairman

Knowing Celeste Pisenti is immediately striking, fresh and dynamic is not only able to create collections super neat and original but also to propose with the strictness that is typical of those who not only studied the material of which they are interested, but especially those who profession the lives viscerally, haunting after day as a constant moment of personal growth. Her style is so, despite the variety of fields it covers, always elegant and rigorous, but just like her, unique and joyful.
Enrico Ginepri - Onwer Chicchi Ginepri Boutique

"The first time I saw Celeste was on screen in a movie by Sergio Rubini. beautiful girl with green eyes, a timeless beauty . The same beauty I later found in her first collection. She was very Young and had created clothes, bustiers, sculotte who had wowed and amazed all of us in the press. Since then I always follow her with great interest, because 'everything' that produces is 'special and unique, never linked to current trends but creating the "wonderful world of Celeste."
Amelianna Loiacono - Stylist free lance

The collections "Celestial All That" are designed from my point of view as true works of art. Cinema, design, art, ancient myths, astrology, music inspired by his imagination. Research, passion, meticulousness and attention to quality has always accompanied the designer. Celeste is a performer, and as all the greatest artists turns her life into a set where every day is possible to play a different role while maintaining excellent compatibility with its aesthetics as well defined but always changing. Feminine and seductive, never vulgar, never dull, knows drag you into a world of pastel colors that hides a soul chrome and shiny as the engine of a luxury sports.
Nicola Gobbetto - Artist & Illustrator